Plant Hire

The Girdwood Contracting Trencher and construction plant fleet are also available for contract wet or dry hire (with experienced operator).

The Girdwood Contracting laser guided trencher fleet can trench to widths of 1.2m and depths of 2.5m. In the right ground conditions, this means kilometres per day of straight, open trenches.

The extracted material is passed by conveyor and stockpiled adjacent to the trench ready for backfilling and compaction. The Girdwood designed sand boxes follow the trencher, conditioning the best excavated material for use as bedding and placing the material in the trench on grade and prepared with a Vee awaiting placement of pipe.

In one pass, the trench is open, at depth, the bedding material is placed on grade and the pipe is ready to be installed. This all adds up to high efficiency and excellent laying rates. All over Australia, call Girdwood Contracting for your trenching requirements.