Francis St Sewerage Pump Station Wentworth

Client: Wentworth Shire Council

Location: Francis St, Wentworth

Contract Type: Lump Sum

Value: $440,000

Girdwood Contracting undertook the refurbishment of the Francis St Sewerage Pump Station for Wentworth Shire Council.

The existing pump station was originally a centre dry-well configuration with an outer wet-well chamber. At 10m deep, the station represented an unacceptable OHS risk and the decision was made to convert the pump station to a centre wet well configuration fitted with submersible pumps and an external valve pit.

  • To complete the works, Girdwood’s installed a temporary by-pass pump in the up-stream manhole.
  • Pipework to the outer well was redirected to the inner well and the inlet pipework was epoxy lined in-situ.
  • The outer well was cleaned and disinfected prior to backfilling and sealing with concrete.
  • The inner well was fitted with discharge bends, pipework and guiderails to enable new Flygt submersible pumps to be fitted.
  • The existing pump station building was demolished and a new pump station concrete top slab fitted. The top slab was fitted with Class A access hatches and safety grates.
  • A new switchboard equipped with a Multismart Controller and level control completed the works.