The Mail Run Estate – Stages 1-6

The Mail Run Estate – Stages 1-6

Description: Residential Housing Estate, Kilmore Victoria

Girdwood Contracting has been the contractor completing the works since stage 1. We are now in the process of completing stage 5 due to be complete in 2019. After completing stages 1,2,3,4 & 6 including all civil and landscaping works.

Site: Kilmore Victoria

Commenced: Stage 5 – Jan 2019

Completion: late 2019

Girdwood Contracting is currently completing stage 5 of the Mail Run Estate which includes:-

  • Cast in situ culvert bridge over Kilmore Creek
  • Earthworks & road construction
  • Concrete works
  • Water and sewer installation
  • Gas installation
  • Electrical and NBN installation

Challenges in Production:

The site required a significant amount of earthworks to be completed in a small area to lift the land 2m on the final stage 7, this required clear communications and scheduling of plant movements and associated works so that the work could be completed efficiently and as specified.

The bridge was also the first ever to be built by Girdwood Contracting, we using the civil designs requirements engaged the structural engineer to complete the design before completing the civil works and working in conjunction with subcontractors to complete the structural works.