The Mail Run Estate Kilmore

Stages: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4  &  6

Client: Tascorp Developments Pty Ltd 

Location: Kilmore

Contract Type: Lump Sum

Girdwood Contracting Pty Ltd has a long standing relationship with the consultant North East Survey and Design and the client Tascorp Developments since completing stage 1 of the Mail Run Subdivision in 2014. Following stage 1 we completed stage 2 in April 2017, stage 3 in January 2018 and have started works for stages 4 and 6.

The Mail Run Estate has required the construction of residential lots and all associated services. Challenges to the project have included extensive road works including lime stabilised subgrades and a culvert crossing over Kilmore Creek currently under construction.

Girdwood Contracting has developed this relationship with both the consultant and the client by ensuring that clear lines of communication are maintained with not only them but all relevant authorities and subcontractors. We also set high standards for quality workmanship within our company to ensure that we minimise defects and ensure the speedy delivery of the project.