Tritton Mine Dewatering

Project Details

Customer: Straits Resources

Site: Girilambone NSW

Description: Dewater 20ML environmental containment dam.

Design and supply rental equipment for dewatering including generator, switchboard, level controls and submersible pump with floatation module.


From Col Wright, Cementation Plant Superintendent, Straits Resources Tritton Mine

Subject: De-watering Job

Hi Tim
I’m sending this email in regard to the recent de-watering job completed for Straits Tritton Mine.

The Generator, switchboard and submersible pump rented from your company completed the dewatering of the 20ML environmental containment dam with no problems.

The technical advice received of the pressures, flows and the time it will take to de-water the containment dam was spot on.

So thanks for your help and technical services and we will be conducting further business with your company in the near future.

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Col Wright | Cementation Plant Superintendent | Tritton Mines