Riverland Almond Farm - Stage 2

Description: Irrigation - Almond Farm 

A successful delivery of Stage 1 in Winter 2018, saw the return to the Riverland for Stage 2.

Site: Riverland, South Australia

Commenced: February 2019

Completion: July 2019

Girdwood Contracting undertook the construction of Almond  farm infrastructure components including:-

  • A DN1200 PE River Transfer Pipeline x 800m
  • A DN1200 PE Crossing of the Goyder Highway- Open Cut
  • A DN1000 GRP Transfer Main x 6km
  • DN575-DN100 PVC Trunk Lines x 25km
  • PVC Submain Pipelines x 96km
  • PVC Collection Pipelines x 115km
  • 2 x Pump Station Assembly
  • Manifold Assembly and Pumping Connective Pipework
  • Construction in Limestone

Challenges in Production:

Driven by the rock, installation challenges were overcome via increased resources to ensure clients watering deadlines were met.