Lateral 6 & 17

Lateral 6 & 17

Description: Piping lateral 6 & 17 irrigation channels

Replacement of existing lateral 6 concrete lined channel and lateral 17 earth channel with 575mm PVC pipe

Site: Hanwood, NSW

Commenced: March 2019

Completion: July 2019

Girdwood Contracting was contracted in a design and construct contract to pipe existing channels lateral 6 & 17 for Murrumbidgee Irrigation:-

  • Complete the design of both laterals
  • Remove the concrete lining of lateral 6
  • Backfill the existing channel of lateral 17
  • Trench and install 1.2km of 575mm PVC pipe
  • Install 7 outlets with connections to existing farm irrigation infrastructure

Challenges in Production:

The works had to be completed within a 30day water shutdown period which required planning to ensure that the project and irrigator deadlines could be completed without slippage.